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You need a plan to grow and thrive... and as business mentors and marketing strategists, it’s our mission to help entrepreneurs build and grow thriving businesses that they can't wait to wake up to each and every morning!

It's ACTION that makes all the difference! 

That's why our clients see real growth and real success. You can buy the newest, fanciest tools on the market, but if you don't do the thing then it's worthless to you and your business.

That is where we SHINE!

All of our products, tools, and services are focused on one goal (and one goal only)... making sure you take the action... DO THE THING... needed to get the result you're after! It is the Socially Inclined difference! 

That and our 25+ years of running and owning multiple successful million dollar businesses AND having hands-on experience with marketing and business growth fundamentals in almost every industry.... 

There's no doubt we can help you build a thriving business online... we just need to know where to start! 

What do you need for your business?

I need posts!

Done-For-You Content Options

If you've ever wondered what to post, need more engagement, or think your posts fall flat, then you've come to the right place!

We offer an array of done-for-you content solutions that will FREE YOU from social media overwhelm. 

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I need to learn!

Courses and Training Tools

You don't know what you don't know... so let's fix that! 

Dive into tools, courses, & trainings that will hone your existing skills or help you create the new ones you need to build your business online! 

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I need it done!

One-on-One Services

We get it... You're busy! So this one's for you!

Hire us to do it for you. Social media audits, makeovers, brand creation, custom content, and more... If you need it to market your business online, we can help!

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Still not sure where to start?

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About us

Julie Herndon

Online Marketing and Website Design Strategist. Julie is the creator of Socially Inclined and co-founder of Your Social Plan. 

I have always had a passion for marketing and design. I have gained knowledge of the online and offline advertising, print and sales industry. I have owned my own business for over 24 years which has allowed me to work with thousands of small businesses and sell courses all over the world.

I have worked with virtually every industry under the sun. Because of my background, I have acquired knowledge about project management and online marketing that allow me to guide my clients in a way that makes the process easy and enjoyable with "done for you", "done with you" and "do it yourself" approaches.

My goal is to create a connection and ongoing partnership to deliver amazing service and RESULTS I will be there from beginning to end... 

Jessica Hetherington

Online Marketing Strategist and Direct Sales Specialist. Jessica is the co-founder of Your Social Plan and Marketing & Content Director at Socially Inclined.

I have always had a passion for business. Even back in business school, my absolute favorite classes were marketing classes where I got to create! Post-graduate, I went on to do qualitative research on migrant workers in China and landed my first job in sales at a coal company...

Bored yet? Yeah... me too! Which is why as soon as I got the opportunity, I left the corporate world and became my own boss. It absolutely transformed my life and mindset! I bring this entrepreneurial spirit with me to every project and every client. 

Small business ownership is a blessing and it's my personal mission to help each and every one of them succeed! 


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