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for a Better Way to "Do" Social Media... Get Socially Inclined with Social Automation!

Be everywhere with our All in one easy-to-use social media scheduling app! Schedule to all of your social media networks, reply and engage with content right from the dashboard. 

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You know you need to be using social media to grow and sell online but are struggling to Show Up EVERYWHERE all the time. There are just not enough hours in the day to possibly get it all done!

We have found the way...

Imagine showing up on all of your social networks with great content that gets engagement and helps to build know, like, & trust. The best part is that it is done for you on autopilot.


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What if we the created content, the captions, the hashtags, and had it all scheduled and ready to post to all of your networks?

What if all you had to do was click APPROVE and your content was posted to all of your networks? 

Imagine having your social media on autopilot where you could focus on networking and engaging which is the secret to social media! I would bet you could make it work then!

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We've Got Your All in One System to Easily Plan & Schedule Your Content Across Multiple Networks

  • A Social Media Dashboard with all of the bells and whistles.
  • Automated direct publishing for Facebook (pages & groups), Instagram (Business), Twitter Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google My Business
  • Notifications (Manual Publishing) for Facebook profiles, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, and more.
  • Plus for a limited time, we are including all the content... 3 daily posts to help you to show up, be consistent, and get noticed on social media!

Are you are a...

  • Small Business Owner
  • Direct Seller
  • Solopreneur
  • Maker
  • Mompreneur
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Any online business

The Socially Inclined Dashboard will save time and money with an all-in-one tool - Work smart not hard where we do the work for you!


Publish with Ease...

Schedule social media posts ahead of time using one of our robust schedule types. Post consistently using a weekly schedule, recycle posts over time using a drip schedule, or dynamically trigger posts based off of the weather or trends.

  • Calendar View
    See all of your content conveniently planned out in monthly, weekly and daily views. Toggle between post, category, or network views. Easily drag and drop content to new dates and times.
  • Weekly Schedule
    Simply choose the day and time you want to post each week then load up a queue with all of your content. Posting consistently helps build a brand and increase overall exposure.
  • Drip Schedule
    Drip content out over time. A social media post is typically seen by less than 5% of your followers. Recycling content increases exposure without the additional time or cost overhead associated with creating more content

Content is King!

Schedule social media posts ahead of time using one of our robust schedule types. Post consistently using a weekly schedule, recycle posts over time using a drip schedule, or dynamically trigger posts based off of the weather or trends.

  • Content Categories - Tag to organize your content so you can later schedule, filter, or track analytics by category.
  • Content Library - A place for all of your content. Many sorting options to find what you are looking for.
  • Auto Import - Automatically fill your content library with a blog, YouTube channel, Shopify store, or any other data source.
  • Content Recycling - Never let your content go to waste again. Set recycling on evergreen posts to keep your feeds fresh.
  • Content Recommendations -  Never run out of content... Use our search to find relevant blogs/articles to schedule. 

Know What is Working...

Analyzing your insights has never been easier. Aggregate audience and post analytics for all of your linked accounts in one easy-to-read report.

Link your Google Analytics to see how your social media efforts are affecting your overall web strategy.

  • ROI Metrics
    Enter your marketing spend to see ROI metrics such as cost per engagement, cost per impression, and cost per follower.
  • Historical Analytics
    View analytics for the specified period as well as historical analytics for the 12 months prior to get holistic view of the social accounts.
  • Website Analytics
    Track key website metrics month over month and see if you're attracting the right website visitors using our proprietary social traffic scoring. 
No More Social Media Overwhelm!

We love taking the overwhelm out of social media. We help put your social media on autopilot so you can focus on networking.

Social Automation Features

You're going to




Monthly, weekly, or daily view of content calendar with drag and drop posts and color-coded content options of general, category, or network.

Social Inbox

View messages and comments from your linked accounts. Filter, sort, and manage messages directly from the feed.


Categorize all your content. Track performance, update content, add to schedules, and more directly from here.


Create a schedule of the days and times you want to autopost content to then fill with content. Never run out of content with recycling.


Edit our images or create new content with our integration with Canva. Access your account to create branded content on the fly.


Includes semi-custom content made (Inspiring, Engaging & Prompts to help you build know, like & trust)

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Best investment I've ever made!!! So easy to use and get set up and going. They actually walk you through it in real-time. 

Edith Terry

The Power of Simplicity

The Socially Suite Dashboard coupled with the Your Social Plan content is the winning combination to grow your online presence and bottom line! All of the content is scheduled and ready for you to post to all of your networks in just one click!

  • Save 40 hours every month!
  • 90+ Posts Every Month 
  • Daily Industry Post
  • Daily Motivational Post
  • Daily Visibility Post
  • Easy Access Members Area
  • Other Monthly Content & Promo Ideas
  • All Loaded in the Socially Suite Dashboard
  • Just click to schedule months at a time.

The features of the dashboard will not only help you save time but will help you grow the right way with automation!


Social media doesn't have to be hard. With a little setup and our amazing done-for-you content, you will be showing up online in no time! 

Seriously... it really is much easier than you think!

Social automation paired with great content is a winning combination!


Personal onboarding will help you get started right and keep you on track! It really can't get any easier.


And just who is behind this amazing content and automation ingeniuity?

J-Squared of Course!

Haha, that is right! Our amazing clients have given us a nickname! J-Squared is here to take the stress out of social media!


Julie & Jess have been working together on Socially Inclined for over 6 years. Year in and year out bringing amazing social automation and creative content to help you Show Up & Stand Out online!

Social Media Automation

As easy as 1, 2, 3 or MVP!

The Socially Inclined Dashboard paired with the Your Social Plan content is your ticket out of overwhelm and into growing your online presence the easy way!.

Let's get you started!

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