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7 Great Topic Ideas to Use in Your Facebook Group!

You started your Facebook group because you understood the potential power of this social media powerhouse. You also understand that any social media site requires frequent and regular engagement. So, what do you talk about? What are the types of things you need to mention or ask about to keep your followers engaged, and to know what is on their minds? 

If you are running out of ideas for discussion with the members of your Facebook group, try the following 7 awesome ideas-starters in your group!
1 – What Is Your Biggest Problem Concerning _____ ?

Fill in the blank with some topic that has to do with the niche or market you are involved in. If you are in the weight loss industry, a simple question to ask here would be, "What is your biggest problem concerning losing weight and keeping it off?"

2 – Go Randomly Off-Topic

You have no doubt seen the unending number and variety of topics that your Facebook friends chat about from one moment to the next. People love...
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