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3 Things you Should Consider Before you Start a Facebook Group

Starting a Facebook group lets you connect with your customers in new and exciting ways.

You can create Facebook Live videos and encourage members to respond with a video of their own. You can start conversation threads and get feedback from your members within just a few minutes.

But before you create your own group, pause and ask yourself these questions:

What’s The Purpose of My Group?
Before you start a group, it’s smart to think about why you want this group. What are your goals for it? What impact do you want to have on members?

A group that’s started to attract potential customers and turn them into satisfied clients is going to have a different atmosphere than a special insider’s group that’s only accessible to people you’ve worked with.

How Much Privacy Should My Group Have?
Currently, Facebook has three different ways of categorizing groups. Public groups are groups where anyone can see the content as well as the members. Closed groups allow...
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