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3 Reasons a Facebook Group Is the Perfect Way to Build Your Brand

brand facebook Apr 12, 2019

When it comes to Facebook marketing, most solopreneurs are savvy enough to have a fan page, where followers can like your content and interact with you. Creating your own Facebook page is good and can help your business grow.

But it’s easy to overlook another important aspect of Facebook marketing: groups. On Facebook users can create groups and invite other people to join. Groups can be centered on a specific hobby like knitting or calligraphy.

They can be great for organizations like your local PTA committee or your neighborhood watch.

Facebook groups can also be leveraged to help you grow your business. You’ll meet new potential customers and learn more about your target market. Plus, here are three more ways that running a Facebook group can build your brand…

Members Get to Know the Real You
Facebook Pages allow you to share content but don’t give you any privacy controls. This means if you want to say something to one customer, you have to say it to them...

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