Your Social Plan September 2022 Content Preview

done for you content social media content your social plan Aug 30, 2022

Your September Posting Plan is DONE and ready for you to take a look! 

We've already created and scheduled 3 posts a day for you every day for the month of September & October! 

It's all right here in Your Social Plan, waiting on you to say "Yes, I'm ready to get more engagement and stop stressing over what to post!"

September Content is now available (in addition to October) so take a peek above!

 Oh, and in case you haven't heard... Your Social Plan now comes with Canva templates so you can edit all of our graphics a little or A LOT to match your brand colors, fonts, and feel! YES! Please.

Oh, and it's not just content...


What makes Your Social Plan so amazing?

  1. Fresh content every month designed by long-time marketing professionals.
  2. Brand your content instantly in just a few clicks on setup.
  3. Post to all of your platforms at one time, including Pinterest, IG, & LinkedIn.
  4. Reuse & Recycle your content for as long as you're a member.
  5. Easily view & manage upcoming content... seriously easy to use!
  6. Add your own content too!


And... That's honestly just a few of the things people can't stop talking about!


Here's what a few of our most recent YSP'ers have to say! 


You know you're on the right track when people are describing your done-for-you social media marketing system as "a total lifesaver" and saying it's the "best investment" they've ever made! 

So if you're ready to reach more people, grow your audience, and get more engagement... and do it WITHOUT...

  • Spending hours coming up with content.
  • Researching millions of #s trying to find the RIGHT people
  • Slapping S#!t together on social media

... you need to try Your Social Plan now! 

Save 30% monthly or 50% on annual subscriptions, for a limited time!

Trust us, after you start implementing this program, you're going to wonder why the heck you didn't start sooner! 

In time-saving & social success,

Julie & Jess




Oh, and PS - If you are looking for another way to grow your business besides time-saving social media content, we're happy to help in the way that's best for YOU!

Here are 3 other ways we can help you today, Sean!

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