Know, Like, & Trust: How Your Audience Makes Purchasing Decisions

engagement how to grow marketing monday social selling Feb 21, 2022

Engaging and connecting ✨ with your target audience (a.k.a. your tribe) should not be just a series of rigid strategies. People do business with people, so don't be afraid to be personable and reactive to them!


πŸ‘‰ Building Know, Like, & Trust allows your ideas to be as fluid and responsive as the community that is driving you. Always be on the lookout for “clues” to what they need help with next. Notice what they get excited about, what they complain about—and add what they need to your content mix.


✨Building Know, Like, & Trust is your blueprint for how you will serve your ideal client with your social media content.


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Now It's Time to Take Action

How can you build Know, Like, and Trust in your business? Let us know how you engage and connect with your audience!


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