Here's the #1 REASON you're not getting good engagement on social media!

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Marketing Monday

Are you spending a ton of time on content only to hear crickets? Wishing for more Likes but at a loss of how to get your audience to open up?

Here's the #1 REASON you're not getting good engagement on social media! 

You're posting too much about you, your niche, or one type of thing! 

Stop making your posts all about you! We know... a little hard to swallow, but this is the #1 reason you aren't getting the engagement you want! You're posting only about your niche, your products, and yourself. 

Here's why this ISN'T WORKING...  The people on your newsfeed aren't necessarily interested in [insert your niche or expertise here] and even if they are, they don't want to hear about it ALLLLLL the time!

How do you straddle the line between being magnetic and establishing your expertise so when they're ready to buy they come to you? 

Create your posts based on our tried and true MVP posting model:

  1. M - Motivational Post
  2. V - Visibility Boosting Post
  3. P - Presence Building Post
  4. Then bring it around and start with "M" again! 

Remember, "M" and "V" posts should appeal to ERRRRbody, and then use your "P" posts to pull in those who have gained interest in what you're doing!

Here are some ideas of how this would look:

  • If you have a fitness business, you have a morning "M" post! Get your audience out of bed, off the couch, and out for a walk! Then ask an engaging question for your "V" post... we love using national days to get the juices flowing because of their broad appeal on your timeline. Then your "P" post is a few value-led tips on how to stick with their goals, drink more water, eat more veggies, eat less sugar, you name it! 

  •  If skincare is your thing, you have a morning "M" post! Get your audience out of bed, encourage them to put themselves first, and not feel guilty for taking the time to do a brightening mask while getting ready! Then ask an engaging question for your "V" post... Again, use something with a broad appeal. Then with your "P" post, share a recent tutorial you did on the proper way to exfoliate, tips for younger-looking skin, or anything your ideal client would find valuable! 

  • If you’re in real estate, you have a morning "M" post that encourages your audience to have a positive attitude! Then ask an engaging question for your "V" post... Again, use something with a broad appeal like "It's National Cheese Lover's Day! What is your favorite?". Then with your "P" post, share your "Buyer's Guide for Success" freebie signup link and highlight its value, or a simple 2-3 point list of "Home Buyer Dos & Don'ts" in this market that will really serve someone looking to buy a home! 

In summary... People don't come to social to only learn about [fitness, skincare, real estate, crystals, reiki healing, success, etc.]. They come to escape, be entertained, and to be social... so give the people what they want! 

So take a few minutes to think about how you've been posting... Are you getting the engagement you want?

If not, liven things up a bit! 

Oh, and if you want a shortcut, our monthly content solution Your Social Plan provides you with completely done-for-you "M" and "V" posts each day and an easy-to-implement "P" post prompt to make simple work of checking  "Get More Engagement off your list! 

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