From Group to Community... How to get the Most out of your Facebook Group!

facebook social media May 14, 2019

As Facebook Groups continue to evolve, Facebook will be giving preference to groups with higher engagement rates.

This means that if you want your group to be promoted by Facebook, you need to make sure you’re maintaining an active community of happy members. ​If you’re not sure how to delight your members, start with these tips:

Set a Content Schedule
If at all possible, you should be posting to your Facebook group once a day. Then you should check your group several times and respond to new comments, likes, or shares.
Create content that you can share regularly.

​For example, if you run a fitness group, you might want to have “Motivation Mondays”. On Mondays, post a short Live video of yourself hitting the gym or demonstrating proper form on gym equipment. On Tuesdays, your theme might be Transformation Tuesday. Invite your members to share old pictures of their bodies before they became fit.

Keep in mind that while daily posts like the ones above can be awesome, they also have the potential to get old over time. Stay in tune with your group and when a meme stops getting engagement, try something new instead.

Interview Your Members
Another way to drive engagement in your group is to highlight your members. Pick one member a week and do a mini-interview with them in your group. You can use a service like BeLive.TV to do this seamlessly with Facebook Live.

Choose to feature members that will inspire your group. For example, if your group is in the personal finance niche, then you may want to interview a member that just paid off a huge amount of debt or a member who just bought their first home. Ask fun questions during the interview and look to deliver some value, too.

Encourage Introductions
Be sure new members are participating soon after joining. You can do this by welcoming the new member. Be sure to tag them in the post so they see it. In your welcome post-challenge the new member to make an introduction.

Unless your group is focused on business or leadership topics, your new members won’t be posting long bios. So ask them a question related to your industry. For example, if you run a knitting group, ask new members, “How did you get started knitting? What do you do with most of your knitted creations?”
Questions like these give new members a way to quickly connect with existing members. Your introduction questions may even lead to some great conversations.

Keeping members engaged doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Facebook even makes it easy for you to share a variety of content types with your members. Be sure and post regularly to boost your engagement rate.

If you need a hand with your group, download my free guide for some excellent tips and tricks on how to get more out of your Facebook group! 

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