From Boring to Business Boosting: Why You Should Stop Posting Only About Your Business!

Oct 19, 2022

Still shying away from posting off-topic content for your business on social media?

Posting constantly about your business is costing you engagement, reach, and ultimately money!

Keep reading to find out why.

Not everyone is ready for your products and services and the LAST thing you want to do is get kicked out of someone's newsfeed because the algorithm has decided they're not interested in your content! That is the primary reason you're struggling with engagement... you aren't giving people what they come to social media for.

People come to social media NOT to be sold to, but to socialize. If you want to get more engagement on social media, start by being social! Post and share content that creates more laughter, encouragement, connection, and conversation for your audience! 

Here are 3 ways to reach more people on social media:

  1. Cast a wide net and reach more people simply by posting content people love! These often look like Motivational content and engaging questions of the day. We call these Motivational (M posts) and Visibility Boosting Posts (or V Posts) in our Your Social Plan Membership). They are easy to come up with and super engaging.
  2. Don't let the posts where you talk about your business be only offers and selling posts... Instead, talk about topics that interest your target market, not just your business. This could be industry news, trends, tips & tricks related to your products or services, complimentary services, etc. We call these Promo & Presence Posts (or P Posts) in our MVP Strategy!
  3. Share other people's content and engage with others as much as possible. This could be articles, blog posts, infographics, videos, etc. that you think would be helpful or interesting to your target market. Be sure to give credit to the original source!

If you do these 3 things on social media, you will not only feel less salesy on social media but you'll also create more loving fans and find people who truly rave about your product, services, and business.

This idea of Attraction Marketing is all about providing value first and selling second.

By posting helpful content, you will attract the right people to your business who are actually interested in what you have to say. So you will naturally start to see better engagement on your social media posts. This is because you will be providing value to your audience, and they will really start to appreciate and expect it!

So there you have it! Stop posting about your business on social media, and start social selling, attracting the right audience, and engaging with your people. You'll be surprised at the results you see!

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