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content creation content marketing video what to post Mar 02, 2022

You've likely noticed that video content is rapidly becoming more and more popular as a social marketing tool. When thinking about what kind of video will work best to attract customers to your business, consider what would serve your ideal client. After all, people don't want to constantly be sold to, and your approach should reflect that.


By creating "how-to" videos and tutorials, you can generate interest by addressing your clients' needs. For example, if you're in the wellness niche, you could create a video entitled "5 Stretches for Stress Relief in 5 Minutes" in which you demonstrate how to properly perform the stretches and talk about how they help reduce stress.


If you're in the diet or fitness niche, you might have a slant such as “How to Properly Measure Your Body Fat Using Calipers.” For this tutorial, you can show the tool, explain how it is used, and then show how it is used on your body or on someone else’s. You can set up a tripod if you want and allow your audience to see the process unfold. 


For the success niche, you can show your viewers “How to Install WordPress and Set Up Your List.” This kind of tutorial is ideal for using a video screen capture tool, like Camtasia or the online software Loom.


By sharing your screen, your audience can see exactly what you are doing on your computer as you do it, allowing them an over-the-shoulder experience. Not only can you capture the process, but you can also edit your video so that it highlights your cursor, add an intro and outro, and more. If you have any errors in your video or audio, you can replace those as well.


People love to watch as a process unfolds. By sharing "how-tos" and tutorials, you not only demonstrate something your ideal client may find useful, you also gain their trust as a leader in your niche. Building this kind of relationship with potential customers is a great way to grow your business - WITHOUT constantly being in sales mode!


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