CTAs (Calls-To-Action): How They Can Make or Break Your Engagement!

cta marketing monday social media content social selling Mar 14, 2022
Your ENGAGEMENT is only as strong as your call to action! We call them CTAs for short.
CTAs can make or break your engagement on social media and open the door for a follower to take your customer journey.
They are the driving force behind getting people to take action, whether that’s clicking a link, following your page, or even buying a product.
A call to action is the action you want your customer to take when they read your content! You have to ASK for the engagement you want, and in this video, we're talking about exactly how to do it like a PRO!

So what is a call to action anyway?

What is a call to action?

A call to action or CTA is the activity you want your customer to engage in when they consume your marketing material. Some calls to action include


  • Subscribing to your list
  • Buying your goods or services
  • Clicking links
  • Sharing your content


What you ask your customer to do and how you ask them can increase your engagement and the likelihood they take the desired action.


You’ve Got to Ask for What You Want


Many business owners are afraid to ask their customers to do something. They don’t want to appear greedy, salesy, or intrusive, but you’ve got to ask for what you want. It’s how you ask that makes the difference. Your methods can actually increase customer engagement and get more sales.


8 Tips for creating effective Calls to Action

  1.  Make them Clear and Concise- Don’t make your followers guess what you want them to do. Be clear about what the appropriate action is. Using words like “buy now,” “shop this look,” “Click here for more,” or “Download now” all give clear direction for the customer.

  2. Include a CTA on Every Post- You never know which post will be the one that inspires someone to take action.

  3. Give people a Reason to Engage- In the end, people buy what they want based on what’s in it for them. Sharing the reasons why they should engage with you helps. You can amplify your call to action by showing your unique selling proposition that sets you apart from other people. It could be as simple as using the call to action “sign up now” for the proposition of “getting a free report.”  In this case, following the CTA and signing up gives them the opportunity to get something they perceive as valuable.

  4. Make Them Interesting- Don’t just use the same old CTA’s over and over again. Try something new that will catch your followers’ attention.

  5. Make Them Relevant- Make sure your calls to action are relevant to your audience and what you’re promoting.

  6. Make Them Visually Appealing- Use emojis, images, or videos to attract attention and drive your point home. "Ex. See the video below!"

  7. Use a Relatable Story- Sharing a vulnerable or powerful story can help your customers relate to you, or your goods and services. It also adds to your credibility and likeability both of which influence buying decisions. When people feel like you understand them, they want to lean in and engage.

  8. Try More Than One Approach- Split testing is a great way to test a CTA and see which gets more engagement. Sometimes changing the verb or the phrase can make a big difference. Play with your CTA to see which are most responsive. Also, placement of your CTA on your sales pages and social media posts can make a big difference so try shaking things up until you see what works best for your tribe.

10 Examples of Great Calls-to-Action

Your Call to Action Can Trigger More Engagement. Use these 10 CTAs to boost your engagement and get better conversions!

  1. Join our newsletter and be the first to know about our latest products and promotions. Click here: [link to join]

  2. "Like" our Facebook page for exclusive deals and updates here: [link to page].

  3. Follow us on Twitter for special announcements: [link to your Twitter].

  4. Add our widget to your website and get real-time product updates.

  5. View more of our videos to learn [X], [Y], & [Z] about [your topic]. [Link to watch past videos].

  6. Follow us on social media for product updates and special offers.

  7. Share our products [or videos or posts] with your friends and followers on social media who want to learn about [your topic].

  8. Leave a review of our products on our blog or website here: [link to leave a review]

  9. Don't hesitate to send me a message to learn more about our products and how they can benefit you. 

  10. Download our freebie to get more info on [your topic].


Remember to be clear, clever, and concise with your CTA and you’ll see an increase in engagement and sales. If you want your social media marketing to be effective, you need to use calls-to-action! They are a powerful way to get people engaged with your brand and convert them into customers. So make sure you use them to their full potential!


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