30 Awesome Holiday Content Ideas and Hashtags for Small Businesses

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At Socially Inclined, we want your small business to succeed! 🌠 That's why we've gathered 30 awesome content ideas and hashtags to help you make the most of this holiday season. With these ideas, you can gain visibility, engage your customers, and grow your business! 🙌


Content Ideas

  1. What products are coming up this holiday season 
  2. How to gift more thoughtful gifts and less “stuff they’ll never use” 
  3. The perfect holiday bundle (made from your products)  
  4. My favorite holiday products (from other brands)  
  5. Perfect holiday gift for (a certain type of) person  
  6. Perfect gift for (a specific) holiday  
  7. Behind the scenes featuring a day in your holiday life  
  8. 4 ways to gift, share, or wear your product for the holidays  
  9. Holiday Traditions in your office or home  
  10. Ask customers to share themselves using your holiday product followed by a Giveaway or surprise for those that participate 
  11. Feel-good story about holiday generosity   
  12. Why you do or do not participate in Black Friday 
  13. Customer Votes for holiday scent, color, style 
  14. Show you’re human by sharing holiday mistake or fail  
  15. Share how your product meets a need for the holidays  
  16. Share how your product solves a holiday crisis  
  17. Share problems your customer may have and offer your product or other products as solutions for the holidays  
  18. Prep customers for cutoffs and deadlines to place orders for holidays or events EX: Holiday Sale is coming on (date) / Final countdown until holiday sale ends on (date) / Holiday Sale is extended until (date) 
  19. How I tackle a holiday to do list  
  20. How to unwind this holiday season Wrapping up the year: reflect on the year (highlights)  
  21. Share/feature how to overcome objections customers bring up during the crazy holiday season  
  22. Share how you give back during the holidays  
  23. Share how well your product travels during the holidays (if it has that feature) 
  24. How to create little holiday traditions that make the holidays extra special  
  25. Share a Holiday Contest and How to Enter and Win  
  26. Discuss a trending holiday topic  
  27. Create a Holiday Hashtag just for your business and use it for the entire season or your sales  
  28. Prep customers for upcoming New Year’s sale (A sneak peek)  
  29. Wrapping up the year: Highlight your favorite business moments in the last year.   
  30. Wrapping up the year: Highlight your bestselling product for the past year and why or why not you expect it to stay the same in the coming year.  


Hashtag Ideas

#PreHolidaySale #ThankfulThursday #Thanksgiving #ThanksgivingDinner #BlackFridaySale #BlackFriday #SmallBusinessSaturday #CyberMonday #HolidaySavings #StockingStuffers #DIYHoliday #BoxingDayFun #HolidayDecor #HolidayFun #FreeShippingDay #SuperSaturday #ShopSmall #LoveLocal #HolidayMemories #ChristmasCountdown #BoxingDaySale #TisTheSeason #SeasonsGreetings #Gifts #HolidaySavings #HolidayEats #HolidayMenu #HolidayFun #HolidaySpirit #HolidaySeason #HappyHolidays #MerryChristmas #HappyChristmas #ChristmasGift #DayAfterChristmasSale #HappyNewYearsEve #NewYearsEveSale #HappyNewYear


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