3 Truths about Email & Newsletter Marketing

coffee & questions email marketing Jan 21, 2022
Email Marketing Truths

In this episode of Coffee & Questions, we tackled Email Marketing.

Each week in Coffee & Questions we share our expertise, tips, and tricks on a topic and then open the floor for marketing and mindset questions.

The biggest takeaway... Do what it takes to get started and be consistent!

We gave some simple advice about how to get started, how to build a list, and how to be consistent with emails. 

Email Marketing Truth #1

Social media platforms are not guaranteed. Pull your audience off of social media and onto your list to protect your livelihood!

Email Marketing Truth #2

Offering a lead magnet or value-add in exchange for an email address creates a positive relationship right off the bad! We talked about how to do this in the replay!

Email MarketingTruth #3

Not all that glitters is gold! The prettiest emails don't get the best open rates... We shared our hard-learned truths about how to stay out of the promo and spam folders and get the best open rates possible!


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