3 Steps to regaining work-life balance when your biz starts taking over

work from home work-life balance Feb 24, 2022
The 3 Must-Dos to regain control of your work-life balance and bring joy back into your business again!
We bet that you didn't start your business to be a slave to it... but the Biz-Building Journey is not all sunshine and rainbows…  
When it's just you, your laptop, and an idea... following your dreams and keeping your enthusiasm can get a little difficult!
Especially when you realize just how long your to-do list is and how little time you have to get it all done! It’s not long before you find yourself struggling to balance everything… Biz tasks start seeming like chores as they creep into the time you were hoping to spend with your family, or traveling, or doing whatever it was you wanted to do more of in the first place!
So your biz becomes less fun… FAST… and it gets hard to keep the faith that being a biz-owner is still the right path for you.
Sound familiar? We thought so!
The good news is that EVERYONE feels like this at some point in their journey, and the even better news is we have 3 simple “gut-checks” to help you realign your work-life balance so you find the joy and enthusiasm for your business again!

The 3 Must-Dos to regain control of your work-life balance and bring joy back into your business again!

1. Look at your priorities. 

I know... seems obvious, right?! It's ridiculously easy to overlook. Take a few minutes to remind yourself why you became a business owner in the first place. Was it so you could travel more? Spend more time with your kids or love ones? So you'd have the flexibility?

What was it that brought you to "open your doors" in the first place? Are you honoring that why with your daily schedule or have your business "to-dos" taken over?  

2. Remove the clutter.

Get rid of or outsource the things that make your day so packed. Does having to cook meals at night stress you out? Try out a meal kit, or meal prepping this next week. Does having to post on social media stress you out and take time from your ultimate why? Then get a DFY social media marketing service or find a high school student looking to build their resume for free!  

Take a look at your schedule, and remove or rearrange the responsibilities as much as you can! 

3. Be flexible & adjust.

Balance is a moving target. One week you may feel like you owned your work-life balance and the next you may be back to working all the time... Do not panic. Instead, adjust the things that didn't work and try again in the coming week. 

A week-to-week, 10-minute check-in with yourself and your work-life balance can make all the difference! 

Looking for more on work-life balance? Check out our sister blog on specifically that topic called Grit, Grind, & Grace! It's loaded with great resources about balancing life and business like a pro! 


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